I finally read Dune. I’ve been trying to read this book for years but as it usually goes, Timothee Chalamet happened and suddenly I’m paying attention.

I first heard about Dune after watching the Jodorowsky documentary of his adaptation that never was produced (sometimes I roll my eyes at myself so hard) and while I would still love to see his version, the new one seems like it will be done well. And you won’t feel the need to ... take anything to really send you further on a Jodorowsky trip.

Of course, the book was amazing as everyone said it would be. I saw the trailer first so I was able to pair up the cast and scenery in my head and either am in for a wonderful movie adaptation or have ruined it for myself completely.

But what fascinated me about the book most was the integration of very Islamic vocabulary. Growing up Shia Muslim, the return of the Mahdi made me feel special and seen. The Arabic I recognized and the ties to Islam made me feel proud. I haven’t felt that way through a western piece of literature, ever.

I was excited to see such a diverse cast for the movie, and I’m happy they chose the people they did. But now, I want to feel represented. I want the language of the religion I grew up with to be portrayed as poetic, powerful and peaceful as I have seen it many times. The way I wished the western world could see it too. Maybe this movie will still accomplish that. I can’t say I’d be surprised if they don’t.